Gluing along boundaries, 2017 (image by Ricardo Cuadros)

Drawing, installation and 5 books. Variable Dimensions / different unfoldings all through the exhibition.

Manifold Books, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.




Quick Crossword No.13.692 Ch’aekôri, 2016.

Posters, drawings and collections of objects. Variable dimensions.

Documentation Center Lugar a Dudas, Cali, Colombia.

The 17th Korean practice of the Ch’aekôri, which consisted in representing the erudite libraries, is reinterpreted in an art center in Cali. This is done by reorganizing some books of its documentation center using the hints of the quick crossword Nº 13.692. One poster is printed to each hint of these new categories for the library, suggesting some pages of certain books. This is done in two old typesetting machines at a local press called La Linterna using their archive of commercial cliches and lead or wood carved letters. Objects, a collection of erasers and some drawings of the library join this new classification scheme. This was an invitation and collaboration with Calipso press.




Time is on my Side, 2016.

Installation and drawings. Variable dimensions.

CasaNova Arte, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Following the previous interest in the collection Civilização do Nordeste (Salvador 1963) made by Italian/brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, a group of objects is gathered on the streets of Sao Paulo and then rearranged as an exhibition. All this takes place with the Avenida Paulista as backdrop. Some drawings are sketched to document the constellation of objects and to comment on the jogo do bicho.




ChapterIIIChapter III, 2015-2016.

Leporello or Concertina book, printed in A2 Riso duplicator at the Charles Nypels Lab. Folded 20 x 38,5 x 4,5 cm. Completely unfolded 600 x 38,5 cm. Edition of 30 Copies.

Against a conspiracy of invisibilities, Sobering Galerie, Paris, France.

Photos, diagrams, drawings and scans coming from various sources are trying to understand the aims behind two different collections. One is the archive of the planet (Paris 1909-1929) initiated by the french Banker Albert Kahn. The other is the Civilização do Nordeste (Salvador 1963) gathered by Italian/brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. All this information cohabits in a book that propitiates different narrations and times through its unfolding. The table of contents from the chapter III of the book Narrative of the voyage of H. M. S. Samarang is used as an index for organising this archive.





String too short to be saved. 2015

Installation and performative unfoldings. Variable dimensions.

De Appel, Amsterdam.

A collection of objects is unfolded in different moments. Two platforms display the result of each unfolding. This collection is informed by the former collection of the Museu de Arte Popular in Salvador do Bahia made by Lina Bo Bardi and by the Archive of the Planet, in the Albert Kahn Museum.





una piedra es una piedra es una piedra, 2015

A series of sand balls, dimension variable.

Palacio Molina, Cartagena, Spain.

A square meter of sand is brought from a beach near Cartagena to the Palacio Molina. A series of balls are built with this sand and some water and placed on the floor of one exhibition room. They remain there for the entire duration of the show. Afterwards the sand is returned to the beach from where it came.





Plan G, 2011
Models with TV inside a showcase.

Primera Temporada Galería Temporal, café’s showcase in the Allesandri Galleries, Santiago. 

The project was located in a cafe’s showcase inside the Alessandri commercial galleries, a group of stores connected by roofed paths built in 1965. The TV monitor showed a sequence of animations that revisited the history of animation techniques.