The Library a Jungle 8

The Library a Jungle. 2016 (photos by Heidi Vogels)

Evening of performative unfoldings.

Artis bibliotheek, Amsterdam.

Some guests to an evening at the Artis Bibliotheek are asked to read out loud the chapter III of the tables of contents from different books. These indexes summarize the journeys done by naturalists between XVII and XIX centuries. Meanwhile a group of objects and books that belong to the archive of the library are unfolded from their boxes and merged with foreign objects like a Kaavad coming from other collections (including the White Elephant Bibliotheke). This movement is followed by a lecture by Professor Erik de Jong that invites everybody to a walk through the Artis zoo afterwards.

Glubbdubdrib expeditie #1 and Marianna Maruyama’s report of the evening




String too short to be saved. 2016 (photos and video* by Erik de Vries)

Performative unfoldings.

Variable dimensions.

In Progress / Another Reality. After Lina Bo Bardi. Stroom, The Hague.

A collection of objects is unfolded in three different moments. The Kabinett der Abstrakten made by Goshka Macuga receives the result of each unfolding. This collection is informed by the former collection of the Museu de Arte Popular in Salvador da Bahia made by Lina Bo Bardi and is unfolded in this series of lectures, activities and actions that relate to her work and thinking.




String too short to be saved / Radio Arcoiris. 2016 (performance photos by Irini Sapka)

Installation and performative unfoldings.

Variable dimensions.

Two Architectures for Researching, Punto Croce, Venice.

A collection of objects is unfolded along with different sounds and vinils from the collection of the Radio Arcoiris. This performative unfolding and sound archive is made in collaboration with Ignacio Gatica as part of the White Elephant Bibliotheke. One tatami and different spaces of the building display the result of each unfolding.

This collection is informed by previous collections like the one of the Museu de Arte Popular in Salvador da Bahia made by Lina Bo Bardi and by the Archive of the Planet, in the Albert Kahn Museum.



Muro Sur III WarmingUp


Muro Sur III, Warming Up. 2016  (performance photo during the unfolding of the piece Purgatorio (Decoralia), 1999 by Pablo Rivera)

Evening of performative unfoldings and opening of Muro Sur III in collaboration with Giancarlo Pazzanese, Ricardo Cuadros and Ana María Fernández .

Bellamyplein 32, Amsterdam.

The project and exhibition space Muro Sur, initiated 22 years ago at the southern wall of Ana María Fernández’s apartment in Santiago de Chile, is revisited now at her home in Amsterdam through a series of unfoldings. Guests to a public evening at Bellamyplein, assist to the opening and display of different artworks from the Muro Sur collection (some of which remained saved in boxes till this moment). These were gathered during the past years by Ana María due to exchange with artists that participated in the project. As part of this opening an inventory of the collection was done.