Cornucopia Archive, A collection of erasers is gathered through a particular method. Every item in the collection was received as a gift. Zuidoost, CBK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2015





The wasp and the orchid make maps. Four tables are placed next to a corridor in a cultural centre and library.  Next to the tables a box full of chewing gums lays on the floor. This was done during La Mar de Artes Festival,  Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, Cartagena, España, July 2015.





visits & excursions

Visits & excursions. 5 stickers are arranged as a random pattern and transferred on a city map of Paris. In these 5 places a sticker is put onto an object that is found there. First performed in Paris during the exhibition Petit Format, Maison du Chili, November 2014. Reenacted in Paris by Thomas Geiger in the 2nd Festival of Minimal Actions 2015. 







Was machen Sie da?  A collection of single socks is distributed on the street, drawing the trace of a walk through the city. On the floor they dream about their lost partners. Streets of Vienna, July 2014.







Pequeña Muestra de Microarte. Installation that displayed a collection of objects considered microart. It was presented in Más vale ser Cabeza de Ratón que Cola de León (better to be the mouse’s head than to be the lion’s tale) the young art competition by Museum of Visual Art.  It was awarded the first prize. MAVI, Santiago, Chile. December 2011.