B. Santiago Chile, 1988/ lives and works in Amsterdam.

Martin La Roche studied Visual Arts at the University of Chile in Santiago. In 2015 he completed a postgraduate program at the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and since then works between Santiago and Amsterdam.

Practicing a list:

  1. to collect and gather objects while moving (walking narratives)
  2. to keep a record of these collections
  3. to unfold the archive
  4. to send an email
  5. to explore non-directional time
  6. little Schizophrenic (rug/kilim)
  7. Epicurean idea of clinamen[*]
  8. Civilização do Nordeste and Archive of the Planet
  9. A field for migration
  10. Die Krause Glucke oder Fette Henne
  11. Oasis *
  12. to make a book (migrant device)
  13. White Elephant Bibliotheke
  14. the construction of a library within a garden (or surrounded by its own objects)
  15. declassification and classification of secrets
  16. space within the archive
  17. Radio Arcoiris
  18. to loose the collection
  19. diagram maps drawings
  20. bureaucracy and diplomatic affairs
  21. Teacher Tortoise
  22. fantasies of the library

[*] Lucretius


Casanova Arte Sao Paulo


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