Figures of Thought, Drawing a Hypothesis. 2015

Installation and performative unfoldings. Variable dimensions. Jan Van Eyck, Maastricht.

Some figures from the book Drawing a Hypothesis are used to unfold a collection of objects/images. If it is considered that in the book there are 27 hypotheses, this action could be seen as the Hypothesis number 28. The new Van Eyck’s librarian arranges this repertoire of objects/images. During the time of the exhibition she gives shape to the installation according to her personal criteria (in this case; the figures of her thought.)




Natural:mind, 2015.

A replica of a plaque at the Botanical Garden of Lisbon is installed in CIAP (Hasselt, Belgium). Along with the plaque 6 Ginkgo leaves hung from the wall.




Karesansui, 2015

Book printed on an Asbern press built in 1961.

Published by Mark Pezinger Verlag. Printed at the Charles Nypels Lab, JVE, Maastricht.

A group of sentences that conform a story about different experiences related to Japanese gardens are written in five languages and settled in letterpress. They are printed manually one hundred times.




Jardín Interior Seco, 2013

Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago.

This museum installation was done by reinterpreting the Saku Tei Ki, a 13th century Japanese manual for building gardens.