A model of a building in the Genova street, with pictures inside the only apartment it portrays, is exhibited inside the actual apartment in the existing building . All the neighbours are invited and with this action a new dialogue is originated. This project was made in collaboration with Miguel Etchepare after years of conversations every Thursday morning. For building the model we had Edouard Blieck’s help. This took place in Santiago, Chile. July 2013.



genova intransit

Genova in transit / Maastricht.

 The same model is folded into pieces and brought to Maastricht through a long journey that went from Santiago de Chile to Dallas, to Brussels and finally to Maastricht. Inside one studio of the Jan Van Eyck academie it is unfolded, rebuilt and presented to a community of artists and some Belgian friends. Some of the Genova’s series pictures are shown in the same room. This is a collaboration project with Miguel Etchepare. and took place in Maastricht, The Netherlands. October 2014.





The model is transported to B32 (Maastricht, The Netherlands) and displayed as part of the the exhibition Lilies. In this show an installation is built between Paulina Mellado and Martín La Roche. They place a group of objects on the floor of the gallery and define different particular spaces in the room. Genova is part of these constellations. July 2015.




Genova in transit / Amsterdam.

David Bernstein takes care of the model for some months and stores it afterwards on the apartment of Emilio Moreno, Silvia Ulloa and Rieke Vos. It stays there for a whole season. 2015-2016



Genova in transit / Venice.

During the architecture biennale, the model is transported on a boat through the canals of Venice. The story of the model and its previous encounters is told to an audience on a boat stop . They become one more piece of the whole narration. July  2016.